25th Anniversary

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Edem Dogbey



Q. Gabaで働いてきて、一番嬉しかったことは?

The professionalism, the bonds formed with my colleagues, and the opportunity to learn about their cultures. All these factors and more make me happy to be at Gaba, but what makes me happiest, is my clients' progress. It's a wonderful feeling when you see a client making tangible progress; but it's a next-level feeling of fulfillment when the client says something like “I can see that I have improved. When I started Gaba, my English was not good, but last week I had a meeting in English and there was no problem.” Moments like that remind me of why I do what I do.


Edem Dogbey

Q. 印象深い受講生とのエピソードを教えてください

The most memorable client experience, however, happened a few months into my Gaba life. I was reading the client's profile ahead of the lesson when I noticed an emphatic reminder to never send him postcards. I found it intriguing; actually got quite curious. I thought to myself, "I wish I could ask why, but it's none of my business."
So, the bell rang for the lesson to start. I saw a gentleman walk towards my lesson booth. At some point in his self-introduction, he told me his reason for coming to Gaba. According to him, his daughters spoke good English. His goal was to surprise his daughters with a full conversation in English. Immediately, I connected the dots in my head: "That's why he doesn't want any postcards sent to him! He can't afford to ruin the plan." I was truly impressed.


Annabel White

Q. 英語を話せるようになりたい方へのメッセージをお願いします!

Have fun with the language! When I was studying Chinese, I would say whatever came to mind. Even if I made a few mistakes, I would say, “at least you understood me, right?” I didn't focus too much on my mistakes. I'd just ask for the correction and keep it moving. It got to a point where I could feel it if I made a mistake, and corrected myself.

Also, it's very important to set realistic targets. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Move at your own pace. I've seen people set unrealistic targets and end up demotivated and demoralized because they couldn't meet them.

Make use of technology. You could:
1. Set your electronic devices' default language to English.
2. Keep audio journals in English; and listen to the playback at the end of each day.
3. When you watch movies, try to use English audio if that option is available.

Finally, never forget Gaba is here to help you reach your most audacious English speaking goals!





Annabel White