25th Anniversary

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Q. Gabaで働いてきて、一番嬉しかったことは?

It's been great watching people meet their goals. Everything from a higher TOEIC score or passing their Eiken to going abroad on vacation and actually being able to enjoy a restaurant and impress their friends or family by ordering in English! It was great to hear about one of my clients increasing their TOEIC score from around 550 to around 800 points because of their time at Gaba!


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Mitch Brown

Q. Gabaで働く魅力は何ですか?

Compared to my previous company, I am able to meet a lot of great people from many different backgrounds. Another thing that I really enjoy about teaching at Gaba is the ability for clients to choose their instructors. It's been fantastic getting to know so many interesting people from different walks of life.


Mitch Brown

Q. 印象深いクライアント様とのエピソードを教えてください

Watching one of my long time clients advance from beginner to where they are now has been amazing. She's able to express herself confidently as an IT engineer as well as in personal situations. Since we have met, she has gone from a beginner level speaker all the way to an intermediate speaker and continues to improve constantly due to her ability to choose the right instructors for her goals and needs.
I have to say, I'm proud of each and every client for taking the steps to meet their goals and dive into the English-speaking world.


Q. 英語を話せるようになりたい方へのメッセージをお願いします

You CAN learn English! Try to speak English as much as you can everyday, consistency is the key. We should make time to practice a little bit every day. It's like gardening. If you water your plants a little everyday, they'll grow big and strong. If you try to plant the seeds and water them a lot the day before you need them, they won't be there for you!

英語は誰でも身につけることができます。毎日できるだけ英語を話すようにしましょう。 一貫性が大切です。毎日少しでも練習する時間を確保できるようにしましょう。 ガーデニングに例えると、植物は毎日少しずつ水をやることで大きく丈夫に成長していきます。英語も同じように毎日コツコツやることで、成果が現れるでしょう。

Mitch Brown