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GABA CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as “Gaba”) is committed to attaining the satisfaction of its customers by providing a service of high quality one-to-one English lessons. The security of personal information is a serious responsibility and critical to the success of the business. “個人情報保護方針” is Gaba’s privacy policy and applies to all stakeholders. The following is an English translation of said policy. It is for use as a reference only and shall not be of any force or effect in the interpretations of the “個人情報保護方針”.

1.Principles of acquisition and usage

Gaba acquires, uses and provides personal information within the limited scope for performing reasonable activities in the English conversation school business.
Gaba, in principle, specifies the purposes of use and the scope of the use of personal information in advance, shows these, in addition to the contact person or office etc., regarding the personal information to the person when acquiring personal information and takes measures to prevent usage of personal information beyond the scope necessary for the achievement of the purposes of use.
Also, Gaba will get the consent from the person in advance when Gaba changes the purposes of use showed to the person.

2.Ensurance of security and accuracy

Gaba keeps the personal information retained by Gaba accurate and updated and takes preventive measures against leakage, loss or damage, falsification or unauthorized access etc. of the personal information and will take corrective actions when any of these incidents occur.

3.Provision to a third party

Gaba will not disclose or provide the personal information retained by Gaba to a third party, except in the cases stipulated by laws and ordinances etc, without the consent of the person.

4.Entrustment of handling of personal information to a business partner

If Gaba has to entrust the personal information retained by Gaba to a business partner, Gaba will select a reliable business partner, impose the obligation to take security control measures to prevent leakages of the personal information on the partner by concluding a contract with the partner and properly supervising the partner.

5.Disclosure, correction, addition or deletion, inquiry or complaint of personal information

If the person would like to request Gaba to disclose, correct, add or delete his/her personal information, he/she is able to make the request to the relevant contact person or office. After the identification of the requester, Gaba will respond to the request with no delay within the reasonable scope.
Also, Gaba will respond to/meet any inquiries or complaints about handling of personal information.

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6.Personal information of minors

Gaba protects personal information of minors in the same manner as that of adults. Gaba may handle personal information of a person who is younger than 18 years old with the consent of his/her guardian as well as the consent of the person, when necessary.

7.In-company management system

Gaba consolidates the in-company management system for personal information protection and uses, controls and protects the personal information properly under the system. Gaba also continually improves the system by conducting a regular audit to check how the personal information is handled, reviewing the results of the audit and revising the policy and company regulations etc. if necessary.
In addition, Gaba keeps educating all those who are engaged in Gaba’s business activities.

8.Compliance with laws and ordinances etc.

Gaba observes laws, ordinances, guidelines and other regulations stipulated by the state applicable to Gaba regarding personal information.

Gaba disseminates this policy to all those who are engaged in Gaba’s business and makes this policy available to anyone at anytime by posting it on Gaba’s official website and brochures.


Gaba established a privacy policy compliant with the JIS Q 15001, and has been granted the "PrivacyMark" by the Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC).

Establishment date: January 1, 2005
Last updated date: March 29, 2012

CEO Daisuke Terada

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