25th Anniversary

Anita Schuster Anita Schuster

Anita Schuster



Q. カリキュラムを制作するうえで、一番大変だったことは?

The biggest challenge in creating Gaba’s curriculum is making sure that what we make is up to the highest possible standards and at the same time also useful and desirable for our specific clients and instructors alike. While we are always very busy maintaining, refining, and expanding the curriculum we already have, our team also places a lot of value on researching and staying up to date on what’s new in the world of education and how we can bring our curriculum to the next level in the future. Last year, I had the pleasure of going on my overseas business trip to an international education conference in Singapore, where my teammates and I learned a lot about cutting-edge education technology as well as innovative, learner-focused ways to approach education in general. While we did gather lots of useful new ideas that we hope to implement, we also reconfirmed that Gaba’s core teaching methodology still holds up to current international standards, as it has for many years.

Out of all the different learning materials we make, of course making new textbooks is the most involved and time-intensive process, and currently our team is working very hard on our medical-themed series for clients who work in the medical field. This requires not just expertise in language teaching, but also a lot of research and consultation with our external consultant to ensure the contents we create are accurate and relevant. It’s a lot of work for everyone on the team because we all write, edit, and finalize contents not only for the textbooks themselves, but of course also for the Home Study components etc. ? but hearing from Instructors or Clients who used it and found it helpful always feels very rewarding. It makes me happy and motivates me in my work.


他にも、自主学習用オンライン教材「Home Study」のコンテンツ制作、編集、そして校正作業にも携わっているため、課全体にとって本当に大変なプロジェクトです。だからこそ、実際に使ったインストラクターから「役に立ったよ」といった感想を聞くと、とてもやりがいを感じますし、仕事のモチベーションも高まるので嬉しいです。

Anita Schuster

Q. Gabaの教材を用いて、どのようにレッスンや自宅で学習していけば、最も上達が早くなると思いますか?

The best way to ensure quick progress is by making full use of all the different learning materials we offer. Being a Gaba Client doesn’t only grant access to our textbooks that Instructors use in the booth, but also to our wide range of materials available on the myGaba platform. Home Study, which consists of myPrep and myReview, is an important part of the curriculum and should be done before and after each lesson to really ensure the effectiveness of the textbook lesson itself. In addition to that, Clients can learn new vocabulary and hone their reading skills with products like myCards and myRead. And even beyond what’s offered on myGaba itself, we also have an additional resource for English-learning that is available to everyone for free, regardless of if they’re a Gaba Client or not: the G Style English YouTube channel!

Gabaが提供するさまざまな教材を最大限に活用することです。Gabaの受講生は、レッスンで使用するテキストだけでなく、受講者専用サイト「myGaba」で幅広い学習教材を利用することができます。「Home Study」の中の「myPrep」と「myReview」は予習や復習用に作られたもので、カリキュラムの重要な部分であり、レッスンで学習したテキストの内容の習得度をより高めるためにも、各レッスンの前後にぜひ使ってみてください。

Annabel White

Q. Gabaのおすすめしたいコンテンツを教えてください

Yes, I strongly recommend everyone to check out our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/gabagstyle). ”G Style English” is a free educational video series that I have personally been deeply involved in all the way back to my Instructor days. Since joining the Academic Development team, I’ve actively helped the program go through many evolutions and I am very proud of the improvements we’ve made to this project over the years. Depending on what style of learning you are interested in, you can either watch our regular episodes that come out every Saturday, or you could check out the special videos we have where Instructors speak more freely about their experiences with Japanese culture and such. All of our videos have subtitles and/or useful phrases that get introduced on screen so you can study them.
As for a specific video recommendation: why don’t you try watching our 英語で迷信クイズ special? For that one, you can turn on English, Japanese, or English and Japanese subtitles in the YouTube player, so you'll definitely be able to follow the conversation no matter what level you are. I personally transcribed all the subtitles and one of my teammates translated them. Please enjoy!

「G Style English シチュエーション別英会話」YouTubeチャンネル※1はおすすめですよ。「G Style English シチュエーション別英会話」は無料で英語が学べるYouTubeの動画チャンネルです。私はインストラクターの頃からこの番組制作に参加してきました。教材開発課に入ってからは、より積極的にこの番組制作のプロジェクトに携わってきたこともあり、長年にわたって番組の発展に貢献してきたことを誇りに思っています。
毎週土曜日に新しいエピソードが配信される番組の本編をご覧いただいても良いですし、あるいはインストラクターが日本文化体験などについて台本なしで自由にお喋りしているスペシャル動画もありますので、興味に応じてぜひご覧ください。 すべての動画には字幕や便利なフレーズが画面に表示されるので、英語学習にご活用いただけますよ。

※1「G Style English シチュエーション別英会話」YouTubeチャンネル
※2「英語で迷信クイズ | G Style English シチュエーション別英会話」
Annabel White